Why some women get everything: romantic dates, flowers, tons of men’s attention, lots of admiring looks, gifts, marriage proposals? And other women just been single and lonely for years? Why do some women can easily find a decent successful man and others met only jerks? Men just easily fall in love with some women and others have only relationship problems.

The answer is, some women can motivate, inspire men, cheer them up and make them feel like winners. And from other women, men just run away. Learn how to be the first type. How to attract men, how to inspire them and make them happy. It’s time for you to choose a guy you want, not just been chosen. Now, it’s your turn to enjoy your life, your happiness. You can receive love, ca, e and attention from a decent man.

tired to be alone

Why do you have relationship problems?

You are beautiful, smart, interesting, kind and ready to be happy, but it seems like all you have is just a relationships problem. One of the reasons you fail in the relationships is no one told you how to behave, what to say, how to act in front of the man.

All relationship advice you get is coming from the internet, your friends, magazines, and people who also have a lot of problems as well. In school, you study math, physics, biology, arts, but no one gives you the most important skill – how to build a happy and healthy relationship. As a result, many good women just can’t find a good match because they don’t know what they are doing, they have no guidance.

And it looks like women who pick a nice successful guys know something you don’t know. How to learn to attract great men? How to be popular and get a lot of men’s attention? On this blog, you can find a lot of useful information about common relationship problems, mistakes, and solutions. You’ll find an answer how to be more successful in the relationship and in live general.

how to get married

How to get married? Why is he not proposing?

A lot of women trapped in the same situation when they live with a man for years. It seems like a happy relationship, everything great, but he doesn’t want to propose. Why?

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Where are all available decent guys? Where is the best place to meet a good man?

Many women wish to find a magic place where they can find a great man for a serious relationship. Almost every woman seeking for a list of the best places where she can meet a decent man. But the truth is… There is no place like that. Even if you will end up in the room with 100 nicest, richest, best men in the world you are not guaranteed to have a serious relationship with one of them. While some women looking for a magic place, the others meet their future husbands in every place possible.

When you sign up for “Women’s game by men’s rules” course, as a result, you will be able to meet a great guy everywhere – street, coffee shop, bookstore, while you are waiting for a cab, or standing in line at the county clerk’s office. Remember, it’s not about the place, it’s about the behavior.

how to fix relationships

How to fix long-term relationships?

If you are expressing some problems with your partner, if you feel like you don’t hear and understand each other, you don’t care and maybe don’t love each other anymore… It feels like there is no way out and the separation is only the answer. You may have temporarily complications in your marriage or long-term relationship and it might be fixable.

A lot of people are able to find a good partner they fell in love with, but it’s hard to keep the balance and harmony in the long time period. There are some tricks and strategies, which may help to bring the balance in your relationship and happiness. Unfortunately, many people make common mistakes, wich makes things worse.

But if you know what to do and what to say to your partner, you may bring back the love and joy into your relationship!


Lana Romanova