“Women’s Game by Men’s Rules”, Relationship Course for Women

Why are you still alone and can’t find a decent man for a serious relationship? How to be popular and attract successful men? How to fix your long term relationship and be happy again with your partner?

women's game by men's rules - why are you alone

Many decent women facing the same relationship problems because they don’t realize what mistakes they make in relationships. They don’t understand men’s behavior and the way a woman should present herself in order to be wanted and loved.

No one teaches you how to act in front of men, how to interest them, what to say. There are simple psychological rules, dating tips and tricks which can help you to attract men, build a balanced and happy relationship and be more popular, fix your marriage or receive a proposal you’ve been waiting for years.

Listen what women think and say about
“Women’s game by men’s rules”!

What will you learn?

How to present yourself

How to make the first date successful

How to “hook” a man and be memorable

All truth about men’s behavior!

How to be popular, wanted and attractive woman, despite your age!

Where to find good, decent, successful man

How to get your ex back

How to fix long-term relationships and bring the passion back

What is the real love and how to find it, how to trust a man and fall in love

How to get rid of the jerks in your life

How to end a toxic relationship

How to start receiving flowers and gifts. How to turn every day into Valentine’s Day

How to motivate a man

How to increase the number of dates

What makes online dating work

How to get a proposal

And much-much more!

women's game by men's rules - couple

What is a “Women’s game by men’s rules”?

This is online relationship course. You will receive information, including dating tips, psychological tricks, answers on most popular questions about relationship EVERY DAY, including weekends and holidays!

Talks, flirt, our behavior are all the part of the “game”. But very often women send completely wrong messages to a man. Many beautiful, smart, interesting women just simply can’t present themselves in an attractive way and they act like not worthy women without realizing that!

If you wondering what is wrong with men, why they offer sex only, ignore or disrespect you, this course will help you to realize your mistakes and make your “game” more interesting, attractive and will get you results.

What should you be ready for during the course?

Decent men will start to notice you.

You will date more frequently with men you really like.

You will choose men!

You might finally receive a proposal from a man you’ve been dating for years.

You will start to enjoy life, explore new places, new emotions and will improve the quality of your living.

You will find the place where you can meet rich, handsome and popular men.

You will be able to improve your long-term relationship.

Be ready to get rid of the emotional pain, forget your ex or maybe be even able to bring your ex back if you want!

This course will help you even if you…

Forgot how to be happy

Think you are too old to find a new love

Tired of your long term relationship or unhappy marriage and believe it’s unfixable

Don’t feel any energy and tired of everything

Believe that successful men will never be interested in you

Think you never will be beautiful, sexy and wanted again

Doubt that anything can help you.

This course will change your mind and your view of the relationships in general!

Reviews on relationship course “Women’s game by men’s rules” by Lana Romanova.

Sam, 27

It’s probably the best relationship course online! It’s so informative and fun. Some of the stories are so engaging, catching and thrilling. I really like “questions and answer” section. Sometimes I find here answers for myself! It helped to improve my present relationship! I’m very grateful for this wonderful relationship course! Thank you, Lana for everything you are doing!

Min, 34

I’m a single mom and it’s very hard job. To be honest, I thought I never will be able to find a good man for a fresh start and for a new family. To be honest, I felt depressed. My son felt that too and it was hard to see him upset. I didn’t know that it’s possible to be loved again and being able to find a man to create a new family with a small child on hand. It took me almost a year, but with Lana’s help, I found a very handsome successful man who cares about me and my son. He is everything for us! And I’m so happy to get married next month! It’s so nice to feel happy again!

Ana, 31

Wow!!! Just wow! I love “Women’s game by men’s rules”! I think every woman should sign up for this relationship course prior any sort of connection with a man! It should be taught in schools! Women don’t even realize what mistake they make and then wonder why they can’t find a good man… Lana, thank you!

Vallery, 39

My ex cheated on me with my sister. I was shocked and depressed. I was looking for help on internet and found Lana’s blog. I let it go, I forgot about these betrayers and started a new life. I have a new boyfriend now and my ex wants to get back together. But I don’t need it anymore, I’m happy with my new BF. I want to tell all women that life isn’t only about men, there are lot of things to do and enjoy. Thank you Lana for letting me believe in myself and help me build self-confidence and self-respect. And thank you for taking me out of depression.

Sato, 35

Brilliant, funny, sometimes shocking and makes you think. This is my everyday routine now! Thank you, Lana for all the time you spent on this relationship course.

Claire, 27

I was always interested in psychology and relationships between people. This isn’t my first relationship course, but I must say that I learned a lot when I signed up for “Women’s game by men’s rules”. Most of the courses online contain the same info you can easily find on Internet and it created by some people who can’t manage their own private life. Lana Romanova successfully married for a long time and she really knows how to build a healthy relationship. I can say that without doubts because I was able to build a strong happy relationship and got married by following Lana’s strategy. Also, it helped me to build self-confidence and I have my own (small yet) business and feel secure and independent. I love my husband, my life now and I can say I’m happy. Girls, it really works, sign up for “Women’s game by men’s rules” and you will see the results!

Maria, 46

I found “Women’s game by men’s rules” and was amazed by the number of positive reviews. I decided to sign up and never regret. Very good relationship course. I like it.

Jamala, 38

I want to thank Lana, you are an amazing woman! You really changed my perspective on the relationships. I was so wrong and I made so many mistakes with my ex, I feel shame now for my behavior. I really didn’t understand why he hurt my feelings and now I see that I’m responsible for letting him do that. I didn’t realize when was the right moment to end up this toxic relationship was. I’m really glad I found relationship course “Women’s game by men’s rules”. I still make mistakes, but I already can see them and able to fix them. Thank you!!!!!

Donna, 63

Hello, Lana! You are very sweet and nice young lady. I want to tell you that you helped me to start a new relationship… at my age, can you believe it? My kids grew up, my super sweet grandkids are growing up and I was alone for a very long time and busy with the family. I just wanted a partner to travel, do things and enjoy the life together. I found your website on Google and read it for several days in the row. I like your advice, your answers and I agree with many things you say. My daughter helped me to sign up for a dating website and I had a couple of dates where I used some of your tips. Long story short, now I live with a very nice intelligent man, we have a lot in common and I feel loved and happy. Thank you, Lana, for your entertaining and very valuable relationship course!

Ruth, 33

I’ve always dreamed of an amazing family, a good husband, and three kids. And when I got older I realize how difficult it is to find a good man and get married. I dated some jerks and not the best men. I had a broken heart in the past. But with “Women’s game by men’s rules” I was able to understand how to communicate with men, what to say to get the serious relationships and proposals. I’m a happy wife now and expecting the most loved and wanted baby in the world! Thanks Lana!

Amy, 42

Girls, you need to sign up for this! It will change your private life. You will feel your power and strength, will be more self-confident and popular. I already recommend “Women’s game by men’s rules” to all my friends and I recommend it to every woman who reads this!

Isabela, 28

Hello, Lana! I want to thank you for your relationship course “Women’s game by men’s rules”. Thank you for your strategies and step-by-step guides. Your “First Date Guide” just saved me. I had a really awesome first date with on of the most popular men in my town! And he wants me to go to Paris with him! I couldn’t even dream about a man like that before. And all I did is just simply followed your advice, told him compliments like you taught, was able to represent myself as a wanted woman. Thank you so much! To be honest, I was a little bit skeptic at the beginning, but after these results… Cannot wait to learn more!

Aesha, 24

Hello, Lana, thank you for your relationship course! I would like to share my story. I come from a very conservative family, where all conversations about relationship and men are forbidden. Should I say that I had no idea how to build a relationship? I read a lot of books, but they all have a romantic and unrealistic perspective on the relationships. I couldn’t discuss guys with my mom, my friends were inexperienced either because I wasn’t allowed to hang out with “modern girls”. And your website and course really helped me to realize how relationships works, the way men think and appreciate women. And the most important, it gave me guidance how to behave in order to be a “decent, good daughter” but at the same time be able to choose a good man for marriage. I hope I made a right choice and I’m very grateful to you for your course! I would recommend “Women’s game by men’s rules” to all girls who don’t have a lot of experience and afraid to lose time with unworthy man.

I received many requests for a book or a complete course for women where I can reveal all secrets and tips for successful dating and relationship building. But it doesn’t matter how big the book is going to be, it still not going to fit everything I would like to share.

That’s why it’s a subscription type online course where you will receive an information EVERY DAY with advice, tips, questions and answers, explanations, examples and a little exercise.
It all will help you step by step to change your life and a find a man you want. And for me, it’s easier to give complete information by portions instead of uncategorized mass at the same time.

women's game by men's rules - happy woman

This course will not just teach you how to communicate with men, but also might help to improve your relationship with your family, friends, colleagues and change your life dramatically. Many women have found not just successful man for marriage but a better job, improved relationships with parents and achieved new goals!

Just give it a try! Give yourself a chance to be popular, wanted and happy!

Why? Because you deserve it! Isn’t enough?