women feel insecure

Things men do that can make women feel insecure in a relationship.

There are things men do can make women feel insecure in a relationship. And the man might not even notice that. Sometimes men can be difficult to understand and it can seem as though they really don’t care about a relationship at times. If you ever feel confused in a relationship is a man about why women may feel insecure or angry about your relationship here are some of the top things you might be doing to make your partner feel insecure.

In my new course “Women’s game by men’s rules” I explain the difference between men’s and women’s thinking and how to fix this misunderstanding. A lot of times women expect the same behavior from a man, but when they act differently, women get confused. So, what can make a woman feel confused and insecure?

A wandering eye.

Men are bound to check out other women and women are bound to check out other men. If a man’s eye contact is continuously fleeting this can ruin any feeling of intimacy and relationship. Make sure to maintain eye contact with your partner or you could be basically telling her that you are bored of her.

Long response times.

The same insecurity about interest can be found in text messages and e-mails. If you take minutes or even hours to respond to the average text message especially when your girlfriend knows you are out after midnight this can be extremely concerning. Long response times show that you may not value your girlfriend what she has to say. While you don’t have to check your phone every 5 min., regular response times that don’t take hours or days can improve insecurities.

When you are best friends with another girl.

If you talk endlessly about a best friend that is a girl and you regularly hang out together alone this can lead to some major insecurities. No matter how long you have been friends or the history you may have with a good girl best friend, your partner will be jealous especially if you talk about them a lot. This jealousy can be maximized when your best girlfriend is also your ex-girlfriend. These connections will make women feel insecure.

When you don’t notice her.

A new haircut, new clothes or a change with your girlfriend is something that you need to notice. Not noticing these small changes can be a big blow to anyone’s self-esteem. If there is something new that your girlfriend is trying to be sure to stay supportive and to share your opinion. Paying attention and noticing your partner will show that you really value them.

Keeping secrets.

If your girlfriend discovers even a small secret about you there’s a good chance that she could go digging for more. If you are the private type that keeps many secrets bottled up this can lead to conflicts later on in your relationships. Trust is a key factor in a relationship and a series of large secrets can cause your girlfriend to be skeptical about your openness in the relationship.

Keep these top concerns in mind for why your girlfriend might be feeling insecure about your relationship. And, basically, when men don’t show love and respect, it always makes women feel insecure in the relationship.