Why are you still single? Honest and real reasons.

why are you single

Why are you still single? You probably asking yourself this question for a while and trying to find the reasons of your loneliness. You girlfriends tell you that you have high standards, nobody understood your beautiful inner world, you are focused on something else (work, college, family, sport), modern men don’t want a serious relationship etc.

This is my most heartbreaking article. It may upset you, may crush your illusions, but in the same time it may motivate and inspire you and show you your mistakes you might not even notice. 

This rough info may change your life and help you to realize the REAL problem why you are still single. Please, don’t tell me I haven’t warned you. Let’s get to the point.

This article is for women, but most of the men have the same problem, the same reasons why women are staying away from them. Also… things happen, people separate. If you broke up or divorced a week or a month ago, this article is probably not about you.

But what is the reason of you been single for a long time? Why do you keep dating guys, have a good first date and never have second or third one? Why decent guys disappear and you don’t have any kind of offers? The maximum you go out with your friends on the weekend.

Be prepared to hear a brutal true…

You are boring.

Have you ever saw a guy who is very charming, interesting, has a great sense of humor and who you never want to see again? Interesting people are attractive, we feel great with them, we laugh, we smile, we learn something new, we are having a good time. We want to meet them again and again.

Boring people are boring. It’s very simple. The worst thing you want to expect on the date is a boring partner. You will keep checking the time, trying to engage him into a more interesting conversation, unsuccessfully, and you glad to run away when this boring torture is finally over.

Have you ever though that you can be that boring partner?

Thank Goodness you are not! Let’s continue!

You are sticky.

It’s hard to imagine something more irritating than sticky people (Justin Bieber and his music?). How would you feel if someone will text you every 10 minutes asking what are you doing, why are you quiet and what are the plans for tonight?

Are you sure you are not a sticky person? Maybe that’s why you are still single? No? Glad to hear it! Let’s move to the next one!

You are problem maker.

We all want to meet problem solver. The person who can deal with anything and kick anyone’s butt off. The person who can solve any puzzle like how to stop the global warming or what dress should you wear tonight.

But some people fill all the conversation with their problems. It’s not just boring or irritating, but also it feels like a person doesn’t care even a little about you, his/her problems come first.

I’m glad you are not dumping all your problems on the guy you see first/second time in your life. What else?

You are physically not attractive.

I’m not talking about your weight, the size of your nose, the height or body shape. Some people don’t take a shower for several days or don’t bother brushing their teeth before meeting someone or wearing dirty clothes with old stains and holes.

We all want to hang out with good looking people and there are social norms for being neat and groomed. When you breaking the social norms and rules, you becoming not attractive. But you are not doing that.

You are looking down on others.

You might think you look better than some losers who don’t have job, taste, money, friends, knowledge or education. But it actually reveals your personality, your accomplishment, and ignorance. When you critique someone in public and make fun of them, you humiliate yourself.

And usually successful and happy people are very friendly and respectful to different people from different social circles, occupation, and world view.

You are selfish.

All people are selfish. Some more than others. And you have to realize that it’s normal for a guy at first not to be into you. He doesn’t know you, he doesn’t care about you. The sooner you realize that then the easier it will be building a new happy relationship.

But what to do if none of the above is about you? Why are you still single? You can find all the reasons in my course “Women’s game by men’s rules”. I will show you how can you represent yourself so a decent, successful man will be interested in you.



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