How do you find and attract a good man. Tips for successful dating.

attract a good man

First of all, in order to attract a good man, you have to intrigue him. The whole attraction process in the beginning of every relationship is to stand out of hundreds of other women the average man sees and meets in his life.

In the course “Women’s game by men’s rules” you will find the tips how to interest a man, how to intrigue him and be memorable.

Be interesting.

If you want to meet a good man, who has interests, good career, and successful life, not just any guy, you need to have an interesting life too. Only in unrealistic movies and books for teenage girls successful guy falls in love with a girl who doesn’t have any hobbies and looks beyond average. As soon as you will get rid of this fairytale in your head, you will increase your chances for a successful dating.

Men just like anyone else (including you!), love to be with good looking and successful people. I never met a woman in my life who said that she dreams to meet an ugly looking guy with no job, no money and health problems. Have you?

Be self-confident.

You probably read a lot of advice when people recommend being relaxed and self-confident. But how is that possible if you really like the guy, a bit nervous and afraid to blow everything?

Usually, you are nervous when you count on the guy and a date lot and make the situation super important. For example, if you don’t have a job and have to pay a rent next month, any job interview will be super important and you will be nervous and stressed. And contrariwise, if you have 5 different job offers while you have a decent job, you slowly choose, it makes you confident, you feel like you are in charge.

So, while you are dating, remember: even if you like the guy a lot, he might not like you. That’s life. If this one will not be interested in you, the next one will (if you will be able to learn how to intrigue the man).

When you are dreaming of marriage and two kids with a guy on the first date, you grow his importance while he might have only sex plans on you.

Don’t rush things and don’t count on the guy before everything happened. You don’t’ want to stick to a guy who doesn’t care about you.

Be intriguing.

Like I always say, the attraction is about to intrigue or to “hook” a man. Present yourself, move guy’s focus on you and then keep the distance. Give him a time and let him think about you. Don’t be sticky and don’t text/call him every 10 minutes.

Be respectful.

You need to respect your partner. Don’t look down on him if you think he didn’t achieve as much as you did. Don’t make fun of his dreams, plans or hobbies. Don’t judge his actions. It really irritates. Just think when someone makes fun of you and judges your behavior, does it make you feel good?

Remember, people are different and they have a right to do and like things different from you. If you think you have nothing in common, just keep moving and be respectful. Men and women like and admire people who are able to respect others. It might surprise you, but there are not as many respectful people as you think…

Don’t be afraid to defense your boundaries.

Many women can’t reject offensive offers because they think a man will be disappointed. You need to respect yourself. And if the guy asks you to do something you don’t want or like, you have a right to say “no” and don’t care what this man will think. He didn’t care when he made the offer.

If you afraid to be single, you will be engaged in unworthy, time wasting relationships. Keep dating and don’t promise anything to anyone until you are sure this man is the one.

It’s not only about sex. Many women sign up for a toxic relationship, where guys treat them badly because of they afraid to look boring, stupid or unworthy.

Respect yourself and enter only into relationships you would like. Don’t worry about what others think.

And remember, don’t stop evolving and learning new things. Make your life interesting and then it will fill up with interesting men.

These are just a few tips and advice about how to find and attract a good man. You can learn more by signing up for “Women’s game by men’s rules”.


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