The Man Every Woman Wants

The Man Every Woman Wants.

What type of man does every woman wants? What qualities do women like? Do they really exist? Where can you find a perfect man?

We always hear about the “perfect man”, which does not exist in reality. Women want mutually exclusive qualities like a man who is popular and wanted by other girls, but still very loyal. Women want a guy who is rich, but in the same time spends all his money on his woman and nothing else (including his hobbies, parents and himself).

But realistically, what kind of man do women want and what qualities do women appreciate? What advice can wen give a man who wants to be popular?

The man every woman wants is self-confident.

Women like self-confident men, who have business and personal goals. Guy doesn’t have to be an alpha-male, but the one who knows what he wants will always attract women.

Good looking guys.

Groomed and handsome guys are always get women’s attention. Let’s face it, we all like good-looking people. Men also like hot beautiful girls. You don’t have to look like a Calvin Klein model. But just make sure you wear the right size clothes. Lot of guys wear the wrong size (usually much bigger) and tasteless clothes. This is a real turnoff for women.  Don’t wear clothes that doesn’t flatter you.  If you don’t understand fashion, use stylist’s service. It’s not that expensive. Also stylish haircut and good perfume drives a lot of girls crazy. Why not use that?

Been a gentleman.

You probably noticed, that a lot of movie characters women are in love with are treat woman right. They act like a gentleman. Even women say they like to be independent and open doors for themselves, but they still like to feel cared and be a lady.

Good listeners are wanted!

Women love good listeners. Not many men are really good listeners. Women can be very talky, but besides not important rumors women actually speak about their feelings and their plans about future. If you want to understand women better, just start really listen them. Besides, when woman sees that a man listens to her, she feels important and loved. This is an amazing feeling the man could bring in her life. What stops you from doing that?

Positive attitude and optimism.

A Positive attitude and positive outlook on life really attracts and captures women. When you have a positive person near to you, you start to see life in brighter colors. When a guy constantly complains, there is a very high chance a woman will get depressed with him and one day she will leave.

Responsible guys.

Girls judge guys by their actions, not always the words. If the guy said he’ll do something, he should do it. Otherwise he wouldn’t be taken seriously. It comes from old ages when only the responsible guys were able to feed their families and make sure their families got everything they needed. To be honest, not much changed since then in our psychology.

I hope this advice will help guys look better, be more popular and win a woman they want. But women have different challenge – to actually find a perfect man, the one who will make her happy. But this is a different topic 🙂