Are You Cheating on Your Partner? You Might Not Even Notice It


You could be very confident in yourself that you would never cheat on your partner. But life is not all that we plan it out to be because unfaithfulness sometimes comes in a way we never expect. You may just be oblivious to the ways you are becoming unfaithful to your partner because unfaithfulness might present itself as an innocent behavior and a harmless activity.

Cheating on your partner is a slippery slope which only leads to sorrow and a broken relationship you never intended to create. So if you want to live in a fulfilled relationship, you need to see below points and check yourself if you are already prey to any of these behaviors.

You flirt at the slightest chance

The world says flirting is fun and not all too bad but it can be dangerous. Avoid flirting with your colleague at work or in the office and stay away from it like a plague. Ignore the feeling even if someone flirts with you because behavioral tendencies tend to manifest in ways we never intended it to be. It is better to train your mind to block every flirting advances that come your way. You never know the one who the flirt is directed to might see it as an invitation and a call to a relationship you don’t want in the first place.

Spending time alone with the opposite sex

Spending time with the opposite gender at their home for an innocent lunch or a drink can play out to become something else. Thinking that you are both adults and can take care of things, you might start doing things you will regret later on. So it’s best you get home and spend that time with your partner instead.

Dressing seductively not for your partner

When you dress in a sexy way, not for the attention of your partner, then you need to check yourself and your motives because trying to attract someone other than your partner is a recipe for unfaithfulness.

Writing intimate letters and notes to someone other than your partner

Do not create a situation of confusion and misunderstandings about your intentions by writing intimate notes to someone else other than your mate. If you ever want to write a condolence letter or a note of congratulations, it should come from both you and your mate.

Withholding Sexual intimacy from your partner

Withholding sex from your mate can as well show you are already creating room for unfaithfulness. Not been intimate with your partner only creates further suspicion about your faithfulness. To show your faithfulness, you have to be willing and open to your partner and enjoy the intimate side of your relationship.

Not placing your mate first in your life

If you do not place your mate as a priority in your life you may as well be saying he/she is not that important to you. You will not show your total fidelity when you don’t place your mate as number one in your life. Do not create a dark air over your faithfulness by relegating your mate down the list of your priorities.

If you constantly check yourself with the above points, you will ensure that you are all the more faithful to your mate and also know if you are moving away from your relationship. You will be creating a happy and fulfilling relationship when you do this.

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