5 Signs That He is Not Cheating On You

Signs That He is Not Cheating On You

Well, it is a known fact that no one is totally free from momentary mood swing. Lot of women believe their man is cheating when they feel the distance. In fact, we all experience moments of paranoia from time to time. What does this mean? I am insinuating that a bad session of insecurity, stresses, and general life pressure can make this life seems a dungeon that is inhabited by people who are only interested in what you have gotten and wanted to take it away from you. Believe me. If you’ve experienced this feeling before, you would be quick to misinterpret and judge any change in your partner’s behavior as a confirmation that one lady outside there is about to snatch your love.

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Making The First impression: The Best Ways To Do It

First impression

Seriously, it is time to start considering the effect of making a good first impression in a relationship. We need to start analyzing the significant effect that first impression can have on the future of our relationship. People want to answer two basic questions about you the first moment they come across you: “are you competent enough?” and “do you have good intentions?” Even though there are people endowed with natural ability that answers these two impression questions, a majority of us need to take some steps to improve our chances of leaving an impression in any first social, business or dating meeting.

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Refocusing Your Attention Will Improve Relationship with Your Partner

Refocusing Your Attention Will Improve Relationship

Many people want to improve relationship with their partner, but don’t know how. Often times articles, books and TV programs offer confusing advice which can make things worse. I was mentioning this topic before and a lot in my online relationship course for women, but today I want to talk about a specific technique – refocusing your attention. And how it can help you to improve relationship. 

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5 Things You Should Never Compromise in a Relationship.

Compromise in A Relationship

Let’s face it, most of the people don’t know how to compromise… There is one thing I am tired of, and it is continuously seeing people who don’t know when to bend and when to stand their ground in a relationship. Even though it is true that one must compromise to be in a relationship, you don’t need to compromise everything about yourself just because you want to make it work. Since a relationship is a two-way thing, you are also not expected to want to be in a relationship strictly on what you feel comfortable with. Hence, there is a need to tolerate each other.

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5 Ways you are sabotaging your relationship.

Sabotaging Your Relationship

What if you are sabotaging your relationship right now and not even know about it? If you feel like your love life is turning sour, you may be the reason why. There are behaviors that contribute to a negative relationship or one that is going downhill. By doing any of the following behaviors you could be dealing a lot of damage between you and your partner.

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Question. I want to be loved! How to Conquer the Need to Be Loved.

be loved

Hi, Lana. This is very difficult for me, but I want to know your opinion. I want to be loved, but I keep stuck in the situation where I love a man more than he does me.

I’ve been married for 7 years, have a son. But I loved my ex-husband more than he did love me. He just let me loved him. It was a hell for me and I decided to leave. After a couple of years I met another man, he is great, he inspires me, but… still, I love him more, than he does.

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11 Things make every woman angry

woman angry

There are some things wich can make every woman angry. When it comes to communicating with your woman, there are several things that you just should not say to her, regardless of whether you think it is true or not. There are several actions that you could take that would cause her to become very angry with you, or lose trust in you if you say certain things to her.

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Question. How to choose the right man?

right man

Hello, Lana! Thank you so much for your blog and for “Women’s game by men’s rules”! I’m looking at my life under different angle now and cannot believe I made all these stupid mistakes. Thank for opening my eyes. But I’ve got a problem, I can’t choose the right man. Could you help me? I would really appreciate it!

I’m leaving in a small town. I’m almost 40, have 2 kids. I’ve been lonely for a very long time and decided to use match.com. Miracle! I met an awesome person. We had a great time, awesome sex, but he said he doesn’t want a serious relationship. He’s never been married. But he met my children and they like each other.

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Making a long distance relationship work

long distance relationship

Long distance relationship takes a lot of work and is often considered to be harder to maintain than relationships where you get to constantly interact with your significant other. However, they are not impossible to maintain and can actually be very rewarding if done right. Here are some ways to make a long distance relationship work.

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