Are You a Narcissist

Are You a Narcissist?

Lot of people have relationship problems and been selfish and narcissist can be one of the reasons why you can’t build good healthy connections. Narcissism in its simplest definition is all about ego and vanity. If you are a narcissist, you will find it refreshing that someone who is trying to insult you with the traits of a narcissist seems like a compliment to you. Do you feel this way? Here is a little test for you. Does anything below sounds familiar? 

Envy is so dear to you.

If you feel that people naturally envy you for no just cause then you are a narcissist. You also don’t think this write-up is about you because other “losers” deserve it.  You also reject any criticism shown your way. Then you are probably a narcissist but keep on watching to complete the test.

Narcissist doesn’t know when he is rude.

You do not know you are rude to people especially those you think are low class and beneath you. You don’t know when you are the most horrible person even when someone points out to you, how you would feel if someone else becomes this horrible to you: There must be a self-justification quest to say how you were being right and the other part was damn wrong.

Narcissist fantasize so much about his own success.

You fantasize about the past and much of the future success you should have had. Old feats are relics of yours and the future in the works looks fantastic to you.

Are you the most-important person alive?

The world will be no better-off if you were to die tomorrow. The future generations will miss the notion that your effect on the world was not too felt and it ended prematurely.

Narcissist wants to be the center of attraction at all times.

Celebrities are nonentities who don’t demand all those worship when in truth they have done nothing deserving. You ought to be the center of all those love because you’ve had some achievements (some talents and brilliant ideas) under your belt and you are not phony and famous for nothing like the adored celebrities.

What do you think of others?

Because you take people who are beneath you for granted, why not make them become slaves to your passion? They can only have worth when they prod to your bidding and beyond that they have no use for you.

Empathy is second nature to you.

You feel people should empathize with you and not the other way round. You have gone through a lot and they don’t know, they don’t know how you are suffering so they should get over their high heads and flock around you.

Those with similar status make up your clique.

Narcissists always hang around those with same lifestyle traits since they see nothing good in those who don’t share in their narcissistic tendencies. They prefer not to hang around with people who are beneath them, people of the lower cadre.

You are the Royalty, at least you think so.

You feel entitled to more than other people on earth. You can remind yourself you don’t act that way but in your hearts of hearts you feel all humans in the world owes a lot to you and they better compliment all your efforts towards them.

Though sifting among the downsides of being a narcissist, there are some upsides also as narcissists can be a driven person which can take him or her to a position of great success and power.

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