About Lana

Lana Romanova was born in Russia. She has been interested from an early age in relationships. In college, she worked as a modern ballet dancer to pay for school. While earning her Diplom (Master’s) in Human Resources Management, she became interested in the psychology of relationships and personal interactions.

During college, both girlfriends and male friends began asking Lana for a relationship advice. After graduation, more and more female friends confided in Lana they were not meeting the man they wanted to or had questions about how to meet the right man.

She found many women had the same questions, concerns, and problems about guys. So, she began writing her advice down and emailing it to friends. It turned into a blog and then into a course “Women’s game by men’s rules”, complete with dating tips, relationship advice, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Lana finished a dance school, playing piano, did sports. Worked in the different fields and met different people from different social circles, which helped her to identified formula for a successful relationship with successful people. She had a well-rounded childhood which created her world view and helps to see problems from different angles.

Now she is trying to help women to find a successful man or fix long-term relationship problems, improve the life quality, achieve the goal and be happy.

Lana is happily married and lives with her husband and a son in Southern California.